ATOS & Incapacity Benefit

We need to stand firm, strong, united, and show others that if we stand together, then we can’t be ignored, not without those fools in power losing to much credibility!

Disability in Business

(Dispatches on Ch4 20:00hrs on 31/07/2012)

As a disabled person, I cannot find the words to describe how disgusted I was when I watched the documentary on the relatively new Work Capability Assessment being run by ATOS on behalf of the Government; but I am going to do my very best to find some words that explain how sickened and repulsed I was by the 30 minute Dispatches programme.

OK, there I was, minding my own business, key-tapping away on the laptop, and the programme starts. It soon becomes apparent in the exposé the re assessment on nearly 2 million people receiving incapacity benefit, a benefit which is about to come to an end. An experienced GP goes undercover within ATOS, the French Company who has the contract to re-assess these people, perhaps revenge for Waterloo or a reversal of Agincourt. Whatever the motivation, other than monetary of course, the…

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