London Compassion Circle – 7th of March – help to build the wave

This is a lovely post, and an excellent idea, to build compassion within a society that’s sadly lacking this vital quality. Well done Andy!

Knowing You Matter

Good morning,

I hope your day is going well.

Arrived back from Exeter late on friday having supported group of inspirational leaders through compassion circle training.

Am shortly leaving for Sheffield to offer a ‘Closing the Compassion Gap’ talk in East Midlands and then onwards to NHS Expo in Manchester monday pm and tuesday am offering compassion circles. More info here

The wave of compassion is growing and the legacy is building. Many people are standing for compassion.

We would love to welcome you to the first London Compassion Circle

Friday 7th of March

3 – 5pm

Modest donations appreciated to cover costs

Westminster Centre for Resilience

To request a seat in the circle please email:-


To learn more visit our compassion circles website here

Be in touch at any time regarding compassion circles and building the compassion legacy

warmest sunday wishes



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