Exeter tenants evicted from flats with ‘no warning’

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More than 40 people including children have been evicted from a block of flats in a raid by bailiffs.

It follows the repossession of part of the property in Bartholomew Street, Exeter, from Property Edge Lettings which went into administration in 2012.

Families, most of them Polish, say they were given no warning of the eviction and just 20 minutes to leave. Receivers Alder King, who sent in enforcement officers to repossess the property, declined to comment.

One of the residents, Izabela, said: “We have just been told get out and we don’t know where we are going.”

Rob Hannaford, Exeter’s lead councillor for housing, said he was “very concerned” for the tenants, with whom the council was working with to provide alternative accommodation. He said the council had been made aware of the situation several weeks ago and had offered advice on alternatives, as well as giving residents information…

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