We don’t know what is right for another. I practice that in speech and deed.

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

I put this on Beyond Meds Facebook page today. It’s good general advice when approaching others. I find that this is something I need to remind myself about as well from time to time. We don’t know what is right for someone else’s healing journey:

flowerA request for commenters on this page: Please do not tell people what to do on this page. I’m asking this at this moment in relation to taking supplements.

It is not a good idea to tell people what they need in the way of supplements and it can sometimes be dangerous…especially if folks are taking psychiatric medications and/or are in the process of withdrawal from psych drugs.

Supplements in a hypersensitized body (as many are after having been on psychiatric drugs) can be quite dangerous. It’s not okay to assume that something that worked well for you or someone you know is safe for…

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