Welcome to Hope!


A warm welcome to you!

During these difficult times of austerity measures, and the many associated stressors, people who were otherwise healthy and happy are falling ill and losing one of the greatest gifts that we have as a species, and that’s Hope itself.
With a job for life becoming a thing of the past, more people are ending up in a cycle of debt, benefits problems, and are losing a lot of the good things in life that we once all took for granted. This is resulting in many people becoming depressed and worse. This can happen in a phenomenally short space of time too – giving people no time to find their feet, or indeed discover where to get help and advice within their own communities. We know this only too well, as the very same happened to us – making my partner very ill indeed, causing her to be admitted to a Mental Health unit twice in the last five months.
We both passionately believe that many of these negative factors can be dealt with much earlier by a few simple steps – taking so much weight off our overworked and overloaded Healthcare system.

1. Preventative medicine. This would comprise of advice and help via peer-to-peer support – signposting to agencies that could help with debts, benefits and the many other stress factors involved. This would be done in a human way and in informal surroundings – making the whole process far less daunting. We’re sure that it’d be good for us to know that there are people within our own communities to help us.

2. Building a safe space within every community in every town and city across the UK – using the resources within those communities, therefore freeing them of the constant need for funding from Commissioning bodies. As such, this would give communities greater autonomy to deal with what is actually relevant to them in their respective locations.

3. This would help engender a real sense of self-esteem – a quality that seems to sadly lack in many communities nowadays.

4. To be outward facing – offering help to other communities that wish to improve, thereby promoting a more helpful and cooperative society from grass roots up.

5. Networking with each other. We’re in the process of creating a database, which will contain contact details of various groups and organisations that might help your community to improve and thrive. If you have any details of such help within your location, please feel free to contribute to the database, as it should involve us all.

6. Your stories and ideas are vital to this initiative. The more people participate, the greater the chances of us succeeding in becoming a more empathic and happy society.

4. Ridding ourselves of the stigma that is regrettably associated with Mental Health conditions, as most patients that I’ve met were healthy and happy, only reacting to hard situations thrust upon them – making them ill due to the worry brought on by the stress factors mentioned earlier. After all, if you break a bone, are you defined by that injury? Many are when they develop a mental illness, which may only last a short while anyhow. This happens too much with Mental Health, alas!

We hope that our initiative strikes a chord with you. If you wish to know more, then please feel free to contact us and we’d be only too happy to help.


7 thoughts on “Welcome to Hope!

    1. Wow, Courtney, that is so kind of you, and yes, thank you – I’d love to accept, and a huge thank you to Lauren too.
      I shall follow the links, and again, so grateful to you!

  1. Well, thank you so much, Courtney, as are you. And yes, I’m happy to spread kindness wherever and whenever I can, as it would seem, are you. Nice to connect. πŸ™‚

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